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  Gian Carlo Diluvi



I am an MSc student in the Department of Statistics at the University of British Columbia (UBC). My supervisors are Trevor Campbell and Benjamin Bloem-Reddy. I did my BSc in Applied Mathematics at ITAM under the supervision of Ernesto Barrios.

Before coming to UBC, I worked at Pfizer and also in the quick counts' committee for Mexico's 2018 general election.

In my free time, I enjoy road biking around Vancouver, cooking fresh pasta, and reading sci-fi and fantasy novels.

Research interests

I am mostly interested in developing algorithms for Bayesian inference with theoretical guarantees that allow us to solve large-scale problems.


Some publications

  1. Di-Luvi, G. C. (2019). How does it make you feel? Significance, 16(3), 26-29.
  2. Di-Luvi, G. C., Mendoza, M., and Orantes, G. (2018). La estadística detrás de los conteos rápidos de 2018. (Statistics in the 2018 Mexican general election quick counts.) Laberintos e Infinitos, 48, 29-37.
  3. Di-Luvi, G. C. (2018) Diseño Bayesiano de experimentos para modelos linales generalizados. (Bayesian design of experiments for generalized linear models.) Undergraduate thesis.
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