I am a PhD student in statistics at UBC, where I also completed my MSc. My supervisors are Trevor Campbell and Ben Bloem-Reddy. I did my BSc in applied math at ITAM under the supervision of Ernesto Barrios.

Before coming to UBC, I was a business analytics coordinator at Pfizer. I was also part of the quick counts team during Mexico’s 2018 presidential election, working as a research assistant for Manuel Mendoza. Check this webpage if you’re interested.

In my free time, I enjoy road cycling around Vancouver with Gruppetto, as well as running and hiking (who in Vancouver doesn’t?). I also like reading sci-fi novels and, recently, contemporary female Latin American writers (thanks mainly to my wife Sarah).

Research interests

I am mostly interested in developing algorithms for Bayesian inference with theoretical guarantees that allow us to solve large-scale problems. While I thoroughly enjoy methodological developments, I strive to always have a specific real-world problem(s) in mind.

I am also interested in statistical education, and particularly in finding ways to improve and expand the teaching of Bayesian statistics in the undergraduate curricula.










Flexible learning: an initiative that brings together open and vetted resources to help promote the teaching and learning of introductory statistics.

Here are the resources that I have developed:


If you are interested in doing an MSc or a PhD in statistics at UBC, reach out! I am happy to chat and help answer any questions you have. Don’t forget to check out the website of the UBC statistics grad student association.

Check my UBC stats webpage for contact info.

Latinx students: Canadá tiene una linda comunidad estadística latinx, tanto en Vancouver como en Toronto. Si tienes dudas o quieres ayuda en tu solicitud a un programa de posgrado, ¡contáctame!